The Prayer for Revival: “Will You Not Revive Us Again?” by Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker


In the depths of our spiritual life, we often find ourselves in a desperate need for revival. This burning desire for renewed intimacy with God is encapsulated in the Biblical plea, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” (Psalm 85:6 NIV). This poignant question resonates through the corridors of history and calls us to examine its profound implications.

The Nature of Revival

God-Centered Revival

Revival is not a shallow, emotional experience. It is a deep, transformative work of God in the hearts and lives of His people. It focuses on the Lord Himself, drawing us closer to Him. The prayer for revival is rooted in the understanding of God’s character—His faithfulness, mercy, and grace.

God as the Source

Revival is the prerogative of God. It is not something we can manipulate or create; rather, it is the gracious act of a loving God. It begins with our recognition of God’s sovereignty and our utter dependence on Him.

Arguments for Revival

Revival and the Christian Experience

Why do we need revival? Revival rejuvenates the Christian experience. It injects life into our worship, adds depth to our relationship with God, and enriches our interactions with one another.

For the Sake of God’s Glory

Ultimately, we ask for revival not for our benefit but for the glory of God. His glory shines the brightest when His people are most satisfied in Him.

Practical Considerations

Signs of the Need for Revival

We must self-examine. Are our loved ones, neighbors, and friends seeing the God we claim to love? Are our lives a testament to His mercy and grace?

What God is to Us

Are we communicating what God is to us, not only in our words but also in our actions and attitudes?

The Lasting Joy

The joy that endures is the joy rooted in God. It is the joy that transcends the ephemeral and remains unshaken in trials. Revival restores this joy, grounding it in our relationship with God.


Our prayers for revival should be deeply reasoned and argued, rooted in the very character of God and a desire for His glory. Such pleas are scattered throughout the scriptures, from Nehemiah and Daniel to Christ Himself.

So as we go through different seasons of life, facing new challenges and demands, let us find ourselves united in this prayer: “Will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you?” For the glory of God and the blessing of His people are inextricably linked in this profound request.

May we, in all areas of life—private devotion, family worship, and community prayer—commit ourselves to this prayer, lifting it up to the throne of grace. Amen.